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Toronto Sports have always been my passion.

Posted by Ajay Mirchandani on

Follow Your Dreams No matter What. 

Since I started working in the sports industry there's never been a day where I felt bored or unmotivated. 

Some people are able to work a regular job and then go home to watch the game. 

But since I was little kid I knew I had to make sports part of my every day life.

I used save up as much money as I could and then ask my dad to take me to the game. I still have a collection of all my ticket stubs from back in the day. 

Then I started selling official jerseys and sports gear on eBay and since then, oh man!! It's been a wild ride!

We were rated among the top sellers on the for sports gear and that really allowed me to get into the "big league".

I got to meet some great athletes and even better coaches. Every game I attended was a new and exciting adventure. 

I can't do anything about it! Sports keep me dreaming!

The excitement, the thrill, the passion, the tears of joy and even the disappointments are all part of the same rollercoaster.   

Some people may think it's too much. But I don't care. Bleacher Bum was created by REAL sports fans for REAL sports fans. 

We love what we do and we are proud of our Canadian home grown business! 

With the NHL season opener around the corner, we were trying to figure out some cool contests for you guys! Head over to our Facebook page and let us know what you would like to see!

Thank you all for being passionate sports fans like us! Together, we are also what makes all of this worth it. 

PS. Head over to our site  and if you like anything, enter this coupon code at checkout to get an instant 10% off:  BLEACHERBUMROCKS . 

Til next time! 



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