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How to spot Authentic Autographed memorabilia

Posted by Ajay Mirchandani on

Lately, lots of you have have been asking me how to spot authentic autographed memorabilia from a fake one.

Today I wanted to write a quick email about it so next time your friend brags about that signed puck or jersey, you can make sure that they're not full of it :P 

Every time Bleacher Bum gets new memorabilia, we have to submit the new item to industry standard associations that will do the following:

  1. Authentication of the signature,
  2. authentication of the item itself and
  3. overall quality grading. 
The top associations in the in the industry are Beckett and JSA (James Spence Authentication) . 

Once the item is approved by them, we put our own hologram sticker on the product and we give our certificate of authenticity. 

This process takes some time but that's ok because if it were super easy, there would be lots of fakes out there!

If you are thinking about starting your own collection or gifting an item to someone else, make sure to always ask about quality grading and authentication! 

It could be the difference between owning a piece of history or owning a piece of... nothing!

So that's it! This is how you know you have a small fortune sitting in your house.

Make sure to check out our site this week! We added lots of new stuff while we wait for the hockey season to start.

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Until next time!


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