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Paper Planes The Wharfman Black Beanie Toque Beanie Hat Cap - One Size Fits Most

  • $44.99


A pillar in culture and established in 2008, Roc Nation’s apparel brand Paper Planes is a streetwear label that combines street fashion, music and design. Iconic rapper Jay Z is no stranger to the fashion industry and, alongside Emory Jones, has been at the forefront of Paper Planes’ success with apparel, and accessories.

Started by Emory Jones as a Roc Nation T-Shirt and hat promotional platform,
Paper Planes has quickly been adopted by the everyday true streetwear shopper
those who don’t look to the latest magazine for fashion but have natural street style. The brand combines their on-the-go lifestyle with everyday wardrobe
staples such as sweatpants, t-shirts, hoodies and hats.

Paper Planes takes music-warped culture and translates it into desirable streetwear. Emory once said “We change people through conversation, not through censorship.” That statement speaks loudly on the stance the average Planes consumer has: wear what you want and wear it proudly because the only way to garner true opportunity is through powerful discussion, open-mindedness and meaningful conversation.

Based off the brand statement “Greatness is a Process”, the Paper Plane logo symbolizes the idea that as big as the world is, it is still accessible. Your
imagination can take you anywhere you want to go – a message that resonates with the spirit and culture of streetwear.


  • Black and White Paper Plane Pin at Front
  • Silicone Printed Paper Plates Label at the Center Back
  • Ribbed Style
  • Stretch Polyester Yarn
  • Please note, this Beanie fits Extremely Small

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