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Fortnite Series 3 Trading Cards Blaster Box (Panini 2021) 6 packs per box, 6 cards per pack

  • $34.99


Jump into the world of Fortnite with Series 3 trading cards, featuring 332 exciting cards to collect!

Each box contains 36 cards plus one rare bonus card! Find one exclusive Lasers parallel card per box, on average, and look for cards of popular Outfits such as Midas, Vi, Raz, Lexa and more!


  • Check out all of the colorful customization options with brand-new double-sided Wrap cards!
    New for Series 3, Wrap cards showcase the numerous customization options for your weapons! Look for 35 of these cards that all feature a different wrap on the front and back!

  • Look for revamped Outfit and Harvesting Tool card designs that showcase the style of Fortnite!
    The quintessential Fortnite tool gets a design upgrade with 65 double-sided cards to collect!

  • Find 232 new Outfits -- including 23 Legendary and 9 from the Frozen Series!
    Featuring a revamped design, also look for these cards in Holofoil and Optichrome Holo parallels!

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