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2024 Leaf Metal Football Hobby Box 1 Pack Box 7 Cards per Pack

  • $229.99


  • 5 Autographs per Box!

Every Box contains Five Autograph Cards & Two Base Cards!

After a record-breaking 2023 release, Leaf is pleased to announce the latest Leaf Metal Football product for 2024!

Along with a checklist that includes the top NIL players and Draft Picks in football. 2024 Leaf Metal Football will also feature some of the greatest legends and superstars from the gridiron.

In addition to the return of popular autograph sets like state Pride and So Money, you can find the new super rare Anime Nation Autographs as well as brand new hobby exclusive Iron-Clad! There will also be a brand new Metal Football base set with parallels that include hobby exclusives!

Every Autograph and Base Parallel card will be Numbered to 10 or less! 

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