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2023 Historic Autographs Civil War Hobby Box 9 Cards per Box

  • $379.99

Product Highlights

  • 9 Cards per Box
  • 1 Special Insert Card
  • 2 Battlefield Dirt Relic Cards
  • 2 Coin Relic Cards
  • 4 Foil/Written Word/Touched Document or 1/1 Art

Each Box includes (9 cards):

  • [1] Special insert card (Historic DNA Hair, Civil War Cut Signature, Abraham Lincoln Funeral Rose Relic, Abraham Lincoln Written Word, Abraham Lincoln Written Word & Authentic Hair)
  • [2] Battlefield Dirt Relic cards
  • [2] Coin Relic cards
  • [4] Special low numbered foil, Written Word Relic, Touched Document or 1/1 Art cards

Special Insert:

Funeral Rose Cards: (1 in every 18 boxes)
This card contains a piece of a pink rose obtained as part of a mourning presentation assembled by Robert Todd Lincoln. The presentation was for one of Lincoln's close friends, Mrs. Gideon Welles (wife of Gideon Welles, Lincoln's Secretary of the Navy) shortly after Lincoln's funeral. All indications are that this rose came from Abraham Lincoln's funeral. The rose reminds us of the fragility and loveliness of life and how Lincoln's was cut mid-bloom despite a successful presidency.

Signature Cards: (1 in every 2 boxes)
Highlights include 5 Abraham Lincoln, 2 Ulysses Grant, 2 Robert E. Lee, and 6 Jefferson Davis authentic cut signature cards.

Lincoln Written Word: (1 in every 4 boxes)

Lincoln Written Word & Hair: (1 in every 37 boxes)

Historic DNA Cards: (1 in every 5 boxes)

Other Inserts/Relics:

Low #'d Foil Base Cards (all #'d to 10 or less): (3-4 per box)

Written Word Cards: (1 in every 6 boxes)

Coin Cards: (2 per box)

Original 1/1 HA Art Sketch Cards: (1 in every 9 boxes)

Dirt Relic Cards: (2 per box)

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